Any Body Can Do the transition into AI. It’s not difficult as it’s made out to be. One only needs to reset their mindset and trust themselves to make the transition by using these easy to find ingredients:

My usual day as an AI…

YOLO: You Only Look Once is an algorithm that helps us to identify the objects in a given image. Let’s understand it better by diving into the history of Computer Vision starting from CNN to various object detection algorithms that led to the invention of YOLO and its successors.

Computer Vision


Adaptive Learning Rate

In training deep networks, it is helpful to reduce the learning rate as the number of training epochs increases. This is based on the intuition that with a high learning rate, the deep learning model would possess high kinetic energy. As a result, it’s parameter vector bounces…

Best Hyper-Parameter Combination

Hyper-Parameter Grid Search is used to find the best combination of hyper-parameters that help convnet to achieve highest accuracy. This approach is preferred as it’s difficult to configure a convnet accurately as it depends on a lot of hyper-parameters. …

For Beginners


Convolution layers are used to extract the features from input training samples. Each convolution layer has a set of filters that helps in feature extraction. In general, as the depth of CNN model increases, complexity of features learnt by convolution layers increases. …

Image Contrast Enhancement


Histogram is a graphical representation of the intensity distribution of an image. In simple terms, it represents the number of pixels for each intensity value considered.

In the above figure, X-axis represents the tonal scale (black at the left and white at the right), and Y-axis represents…

Image Generation

Image Augmentation

Image augmentation is a technique that is used to artificially expand the data-set. This is helpful when we are given a data-set with very few data samples. …

Shreenidhi Sudhakar

I work in AI at Amazon to help customers search for products on their wishlist by uploading related images.

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